How to Make Your Website An Insider’s Guide to Your Destination

Monday, March 4, 2019
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More than ever, destinations are competing to get the attention and trust of travelers. With the average person visiting more than 30 websites as part of their travel journey, DMO websites need to provide value that is distinct from Google, social media and review sites.


DMOs have several advantages over other information sources that should be used to their benefit:

They have a unique view of a destination.

DMOs are the only organizations that sit at the center of the travel ecosystem, with expertise in everything from what new restaurants are opening up, which new airlines are flying into town and new museum exhibits and tours.

They have the destination’s best interests at heart.

Whether a DMO is funded by local partners or tourism taxes, their goal is to bring new and repeat visitors to their destination. No other entity is in the same position, and as the saying goes, a rising tide of tourism floats all boats!

They are highly trusted by travelers.

Research conducted by Destination Analysts and Miles Partnership shows that next to word of mouth, DMOs are one of the most highly trusted and frequently consulted sources of information for travelers.

With that in mind, DMOs should be thinking beyond providing functional information like which hotels are in town and a calendar of upcoming events, and make their website more like an "Insider’s Guide," containing information not easily found anywhere else.


Here are 3 tips to get started:

Take inspiration from travel publications.

What do the best travel publications like the New York Times or AFAR have in common? They cover a destination from multiple angles, rather than just featuring the most popular landmarks and experiences.

Think like a blogger

Travel bloggers rose to popularity because they presented an authentic first-person account of travel that was also highly visual and aesthetically pleasing. It was unlike anything available through other channels, and provided a forum for readers to comment and ask questions from someone who had been there. Some destinations are taking a similar approach to their own blogs, with great success. In this webinar, we’ll cover how you can do the same.

Include your locals in your content creation.

DMOs are sitting on top of the richest knowledge source in a destination: its locals. Who else knows the inside scoop on the best burger place in town or whether it’s a good day to go whale watching? Locals can be a destination’s best ambassadors, and DMOs should include them in their website content creation, from featuring them in videos or including them as guest bloggers.

Ready to try this with your own destination website, or want to know more? Join us for this upcoming webinar!


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