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On the Road to #esto23

Meet the 2023 Planning Committee
Friday, March 31, 2023
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Planning committee

Flashback to late January, when a group of 20+ industry pros touched down in misty, magical Savannah to set the tone and vision for ESTO 2023. Together, this group transformed an exciting jumble of topics and ideas into part of what makes ESTO so unique—the collaborative, organic and peer-planned way the content comes to fruition. Through rapid-fire brainstorming, breakouts and small table discussions, this accomplished crew of marketers, researchers and communicators from across the U.S. mapped out a robust and inspiring suite of content for ESTO 2023.  

ESTO content keeps the pulse of the industry at its very core—because it’s not developed in a silo, but rather alongside industry professionals just like you who eat, sleep and breathe destination marketing year-round.

We’re incredibly grateful to our 2023 planning committee for their support, engagement and knowledge-sharing, and we’re excited to bring you content that’s thought-provoking, inspiring, trendsetting and above all, relevant to the work you do.

Let’s continue to move the needle and ever-evolve your destination’s marketing and storytelling, and deepen your organization’s essential local contributions—it all starts in Savannah.

Planning committee conversing at table


Stay tuned for the concurrent session schedule and details, launching in June.


2023 group picture of planning committee


Pictured from left to right: Angie Briggs (U.S. Travel), Michelle Schrei (U.S. Travel), Kari Kauffman (Columbus), Dave Lorenz (Michigan), Linda Horowitz (U.S. Travel), Skylar Clark (Brand USA), Deja Preuitt (Georgia), Tyler Gosnell (Salt Lake City), Michael Chapaloney (Pennsylvania), Carroll Rheem (Iolite group), Duane Parish (South Carolina), Gray Brennan  (Alabama), Nell Knox (Mississippi), Mark Jaronski (Georgia), Dan Howard (Park City), Derek Price (Expedia), Laura Libby (Miles), Meggan Hood (Georgia), Tim Wolfe (Colorado), Wanda Goodman (South Dakota), Matt Clement (Madden), Justin Bresler (Denver), Nora Thomas (Adara), Chris Canfield (Virginia), Wes Rhea (Stockton), Lauren Cleland (Savannah), Lori Harnois (New Hampshire), Nan Marchand Beauvois (U.S. Travel), Kristen Sullivan (U.S. Travel), Cynthia Zhu (U.S. Travel)

Not pictured: Camila Clark (Fort Lauderdale), David Holder (Clarity of Place), Cory Jobe (Great Rivers and Routes), Juliana Khusid (Ohio), Sara Meaney (Coraggio Group), Randi Morritt (Aurora), Anne Sayers (Wisconsin), Berkeley Young (Young Strategies, Inc)