What Gets Measured Gets Modified

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
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Yes! To modify is to transform.

Every destination marketing campaign is striving for a connection with potential visitors. It’s a relationship, a dance, a series of opportunities to resonate and convert potential visitors to each destination’s unique experiences.

Destinations continually measure, adjust and modify their messages to personalize their contact with travelers. The more a destination measures, the more it relates.  The more potential visitors a destination relates to, the more it converts destination advocates.

Tourism marketing is moving toward a stronger, more personalized digital world, and that’s a good thing. The need to connect with high-value visitors and to create digital campaigns that resonate is crucial for ongoing success. Travel data is at our fingertips at a scale never seen before. The trick is how to use it to measure and modify marketing messages.

Rich traveler data at scale is allowing for a rapid up-leveling of the scope and range of tools destination marketers are using. This is increasing the influence that destination marketing campaigns have on visitor decisions. But, we need to measure the success of these campaigns to understand what works best. More effective campaigns means more travelers, more often.

Destination intelligence provides the insights DMOs need to increase visitation, visitor spend, and intent-to-visit. By capitalizing on the real-time traveler data that is available, you can learn more about your most valuable visitors, modify your marketing to drive further visitation and attribute a genuine economic impact to your marketing. By measuring the success of these campaigns based on available data and marketing attribution tools you can then further modify your marketing to drive further visitation and attribute a genuine economic impact to your marketing.

Learn who your most valuable potential visitors are. Act on the data to create more personalized marketing campaigns. Measure the success and modify accordingly.

Simply rinse and repeat.

Join ADARA for their webinar on Thursday, November 8, and leave with these takeaways:

  • Learn how to better predict and address high-value origin markets.
  • More accurately project revenue forecasts for future campaigns.
  • Justify and streamline future marketing spend. 
  • Feel more confident in leveraging real-time measurement in your organization.

Get inspired! The more that DMOs embrace the data and tools available to them, the more opportunity there is to continue to grow visitation and overall economic impact.

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