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Find the Right Time to Market Your Destination Internationally

August 17, 2021 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

2020 became synonymous with lockdowns, staying at home, and following the rules, many people across the world are looking forward to when they can travel internationally. But after a year when some countries were hit harder than others with COVID-19 and the vaccination rate varying by country, are international travelers ready to venture outside their borders? Get perspectives on global travel trends from airports, hear from leading industry experts about international visitor sentiment and learn how destinations tackle our new reality to gain back international market share and fill up their hotel rooms. Attendees will learn about the barriers destinations need to overcome to welcome back visitors and what the return of air travel to the U.S. looks like, hear from top destinations how they answer the golden question: When is the right time to market their destination internationally? Given everyone’s reality of low budgets, how can destinations effectively market their destination to bring visitors back?

Myha Gallagher Headshot

Myha Gallagher

Myha Gallagher,