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Innovation Hubs

August 15, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
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Diamond Ballroom 6-10

Join us for engaging demonstrations and meaningful conversations with subject-matter experts at the Innovation Hubs. Rotate among four unique 15-minute sessions sponsored by Madden Media, Zartico, Epsilon Buxton and Choozle. Attendees will have time to attend each session as they will be prompted to switch every 15 minutes. Light lunch will be provided.

Madden MediaMetrics Don’t Equal Strategy: The Rise of Destination Intelligence

It is the 'Golden Age' of data in the DMO industry. However, this bounty of insights and information has arrived at a challenging time; while the need for destination intelligence has never been greater—the budgets to invest in and sustain those resources have reached historic lows. Join Madden Media for a frank discussion on how the pandemic and societal challenges have shaped the role of destination intelligence for the DMO industry and how destination intelligence platforms can make sense of the data 'noise' and enable enhanced decision making, more effective communication, and improved advocacy efforts.

Epsilon: Create a Visitor Yield Engine for Your Community

Does your destination struggle with business outcome accountability? Learn how to create a higher visitor yield by reaching individuals more likely to spend in your destination, creating meaningful conversations with past visitors and measuring the financial impact that your messaging had—down to the individual level. Tourism is vital to your economy and it is more important than ever to prove the DMO’s pivotal role and impact to your community. During this session, we will cover how to reach individuals most likely to spend more in your destination; learn how to have meaningful conversations with past visitors and maintain your “Share-of-Vacation;” provide one-to-one, closed-loop measurement and the direct, unmodeled, financial impact individuals had on your local economy and prove Direct DMO Impact beyond overall tourism economic impact numbers.

Choozle: How Digital Advertising & Connected TV is Changing Visitor Engagement for Travel Destinations

Travel behavior is changing and travel marketers have to adapt to these changes. Join Choozle, a digital advertising software, at the Innovation Hub to see how travel destinations can leverage connected tv advertising to drive awareness to increase occupancy rates.  Plus learn how one travel destination saw a 23 percent increase in average daily rate (ADR) by leveraging connected tv with Choozle. 

Buxton: Keeping up with a Shifting Visitor Base: How Destination Marketers Can Respond

Do you have your fingers on the pulse of the “new normal?” Today’s visitor behaviors are constantly evolving, often due to unforeseen market conditions. Real-time visitor intelligence is essential to making smart destination marketing decisions. Join Buxton as we explore real-world examples of changing visitor behaviors and share how those insights can be applied to marketing strategies.

Zartico: Insights to Outcomes Creates Competitive Benchmarking for DMOs

As an industry we need to compete more. Competition is needed for progress and we now have the technology, data and insights for DMOs to compete on a global scale. Currently DMO competition is limited to competing ad channels, conventions, and poaching each other's staff. It's been difficult to show our holistic effect on the visitor economy and how we compare with other destinations.. That time is now to show our total effect on the visitor experience, the happiness of the resident and our own organizational transformation. During this session we will highlight how to turn data insights into actual outcomes for the community.  Once we have agreed upon a list of outcomes we can then measure ourselves against other destinations. Competition in tourism is a gift, for without it we wouldn't be as motivated as an industry to improve.