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Keynote Session: Bending the Curve Presented by Bonin Bough

August 16, 2021 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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Diamond Ballroom

As the world begins to heal from the effects of a global pandemic, businesses of all shapes and sizes are having to re-evaluate the methods they’ve traditionally used to connect with their consumer. The customer has become more discerning than ever - from an increased reliance on transformative digital tools, a new desire for on-demand video-based content, a deep appreciation for brands who act ethically, and an understanding that we are all interconnected.

Ultimately the brands who were thinking-digitally before these unprecedented times are winning. For others, COVID19 has shown them just how agile they can be, and how quickly and effectively they can be transformed, when the stakes are raised.

Bonin Bough shares his original insights, and lessons from across the globe, to highlight how we can most constructively learn from this moment. Through highlighting the unique ways in which organizations can preserve, and even amplify, some of these new behaviours he will reveal how this moment presents new opportunities for growth. 

Bonin Bough

Bonin Bough

Bonin Bough,