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Camilo Navarro

Co Founder & COO
Wheel the World
Camilo Navarro

Camilo Navarro has built his entrepreneurial journey ground up, beginning his career at 18. He worked his way through university in his native Chile, completing his studies in Business, Economics, and Project Evaluations. He moved to San Francisco to pursue his Entrepreneurship & Project Management studies at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating, he started

He led the first-ever wheelchair-user expedition to complete the W trek in Patagonia. After that accomplishment, he and Alvaro Silberstein co-founded, an online marketplace where seniors and people with disabilities can find and book accessible places to stay, things to do, and multi-day trips worldwide. With accessible experiences in more than +250 destinations worldwide, the company is breaking barriers in the travel industry.

Before starting Wheel the World, Navarro worked as a Product Manager at Falabella Group, one of the largest retail companies in Latin America, and Metro de Santiago, the public underground railway system in Chile’s capital. He also serves as a Part-Time Instructor at the University of California, Berkeley.