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Candace Strauss

President & CEO
Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau
Candace Strauss Headshot

To start 2021, Candace Strauss became President & CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau where she leads destination management efforts under Arizona’s first Sustainable Tourism Plan to address the tsunami of visitors brought by the pandemic that now equates tourism to traffic, trash, trailhead congestion and place consumer conlict on surrounding public lands. Prior to Sedona, Strauss was President of the Big Sky Chamber/Visit Big Sky, an increasingly popular ski destination and gateway community to Yellowstone National Park, so she is no newcomer to growing pains with overburdened infrastructure and a singular tourism-based economy. She has held positions with Wonderful Copenhagen in Denmark, and with Destination DC in the nation's capital, where her career in tourism began following 9/11. Strauss presently holds a seat as an at-large Director of the U.S. Travel Association Board, and serves on the Verde Front Leadership Council, a sustainable recreation collaborative.