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Chris Collins

Tipodean Technologies

Chris Collins empowers businesses with Large Language Models, AI, and ChatGPT solutions to pioneer the future of intelligent customer engagement. Possessing extensive experience in product design, development, deployment, and sales, Chris has worked in diverse industries such as digital currencies, messaging, and the metaverse. His expertise lies in navigating the world of AI, large language models, and ChatGPT plugins to provide strategic guidance and support to companies looking to transform their customer interactions and operations.

Chris's career highlights include founding Tipodean Technologies, a company focused on providing dynamic virtual reality solutions for education, defense, and enterprise clients; spearheading RoboRecruiter Inc., an award-winning real-time chat engagement technology that was later acquired by Gupshup, a large chat company.

Driven by a passion for technology and commitment to enhancing customer experiences, Chris created Tipodean to help businesses smoothly transition into the AI-driven era by offering tailored solutions and actionable insights. Chris invites others to connect with him to shape the future of business communication and innovation together.