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Danielle Posa

Workplace Wellbeing Advisors
Danielle Posa

Danielle has 13+ years of experience in employee engagement, wellbeing, leadership development & business consulting. She is a Workplace Wellbeing Advisor to organizations all over the world, including Fortune 500s – working with senior-level executives to assist them in designing long-term wellbeing strategies that are woven into the fabric of the culture.

She is also the Vice-Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Workplace Wellbeing Initiative. And while Danielle’s focus is on improving workplaces, her bigger mission involves making wellbeing the primary measurement of success in society.

Danielle started her career at Gallup as a management consultant and was assigned to Dr. Deepak Chopra, as his liaison for Gallup’s wellbeing research.

After leaving Gallup she started her own consulting and online business, and she and Deepak co-developed a leadership course called Workplace Well-being and the Soul of Leadership. 

That led to her most recent role as Director of Enterprise Solutions for Deepak’s parent company, Chopra Global where she led the B2B wellbeing strategy, product/service development, and execution. 

Danielle graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in Marketing & International Business.

And on a more personal note, Danielle is a cancer survivor, and a mom to two young children, Giavanna and Nico. She is primarily based in New York and Florida.