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Deborah Ostreicher

Distinguished Communications
Deborah Ostreicher

Deborah Ostreicher created Distinguished Communications because she is passionate about communication and believes it is the cornerstone of success in any field. She has spent a lifetime performing in theatre and over a decade working around the globe, including as Marketing Director for a multi-national hi-tech company in Central Europe, as Events Manager for a non-profit run by the Prince of Wales and as a tourism agent in Jerusalem. Her last position was Vice President of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, but was regularly pulled away to step in as Mayor’s Chief of Staff and Phoenix Communications Director. She credits her success in business largely to her ability to communicate effectively and teaches individuals and teams to do the same. Her new book, entitled Enter, Enlighten, and Exit is a simple guide to making clear, concise, and compelling presentations. She earned her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Maryland, College Park; her MBA in International Business from the American University, Washington, D.C. and her certificate in Leadership Communications from Harvard University, Cambridge.