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Collective Impact: Unlocking Success Through Stakeholder Collaboration

August 21, 2023 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

*Please note only CEOs or similar levels are eligible to attend.

Destination leaders nationwide are leveraging the Collective Impact framework as an effective approach to tackling tough tourism-related issues such as those tied to housing, workforce, transportation, infrastructure, and crime & safety—all of which are essential for a successful tourism program but typically fall outside the direct control of the destination organization itself. This collaboration-driven approach establishes community ownership of strategic initiatives and clearly defines roles, accountability, and expectations for plan management across organizations. With this knowledge, destination leaders can strengthen their organization’s ability to collaborate effectively and productively with key community stakeholders and sustain long-term impact of transformational destination management efforts.

In this session, Sara Meaney will provide participants with an introduction to the framework and its potential role in supporting successful implementation of their destinations’ strategic planning efforts. Next, we’ll facilitate a conversation with Destination Leaders who are actively leveraging this model in their destinations. Finally, we’ll open up to Q&A for lessons learned and tips for any destination, large or small.