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Frequently Asked Questions


  • When will Award applications open?
    • Applications will open in April 2024.
  • How do I submit my application?
    • Learn more about the awards application process here.
  • What are the qualifications and requirements to submit?
    • Learn more about eligibility and guidelines here.


  • What is the accessibility policy for ESTO?
    • The ESTO team strives to provide an inclusive environment for all attendees. We encourage attendees and presenters to consider the needs of others when planning their presentations, communications, and interactions.
  • What do I do if I require mobility support?
    • If you require mobility support during the ESTO conference, we encourage you to bring your necessary mobility support equipment. Please contact us at if you have any questions or additional needs.
  • I am hard of hearing. What does ESTO do to support my needs?
    • Many of our meeting rooms will have audiovisual capabilities. If you are hard of hearing and are in need of support, please contact us at
  • I have low vision. How will ESTO support my needs?
    • The ESTO team encourages all presenters to utilize recommended guidelines for accessible presentations. If you would like copies of a presenter’s slides in advance, please contact us at The ESTO team will do our best to request slides in advance.

CEO Sessions

  • When will CEO sessions be available for registration?
    • More information will be available in the Spring.
  • I am not a CEO. Am I allowed to attend these sessions?
    • CEO sessions are available for CEOs only.

Destination Immersions

  • When will Destination Immersion information be available?
    • More information will be available in the Spring.
  • Do I have to register for these tours?
    • No, while it is not required to register for the Destination Immersion sessions, it is highly recommended that you register as there is limited availability for each session. Those who registered will receive priority in attending the sessions.


  • I am a company that works with destinations. How should I register?
    • You are required to submit an Agency Rep application (available April 2024) through our registration platform. No other form of submission is accepted. Applications go through an approval process and you and your sponsoring DMO will be notified of your registration status.
  • Do I receive a group discount if I don't register my group all at once?
    • Unfortunately, group discounts apply to a single transaction for members only. If you need to add a group registration to your registration record, please log in to your registration to add members to your group. To learn more about becoming a member of the U.S. Travel Association, please contact
  • What is the registration cancellation policy?


  • When will the 2024 schedule be available?
    • More information will be available in the Spring.
  • Will sessions be recorded?
    • No, the sessions at ESTO will not be recorded.

Please use the following emails for specific requests