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The Great Debates 2.0

August 21, 2023 - 4:15pm to 6:00pm
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Chatham Ballroom

The ESTO Debates are back! New format but the same unpredictable (and sometimes questionable) content. You never know what to expect when your friends and colleagues take the stage to debate their points of view. Don't miss laughs, learning, and liquid refreshments at these reimagined debates.

Topic 1 - Insights and Measurements

We all wish there was a single, silver bullet measurement or metric for our DMO to prove success. This panel of experienced data brains will debate just what is the right measurement for today and in the future. 

Topic 2 - The Future of Marketing

The world of marketing is continuously reinventing itself. Some areas are revolutionarily new, almost straight from science fiction, while others are tried and true standards from long ago. These marketers will debate what is the next great thing in destination marketing. 

Topic 3 - DMO Hangover

In the high-stakes world of DMOs, not everything goes right, every time. There are a lot of things at play as we try to do our jobs, build our destinations, and most importantly connect with our communities. This group of senior leaders will discuss the future of DMOs.